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We offer the following accounting and book-keeping services:

Cash Books/Bank Reconciliation

We can write your cash books and complete bank reconciliation for you on a monthly basis. All you have to do is give us the necessary paperwork, and we do the rest.


Cash Flow/Budget Projections

This can be done as required by your bank manager or your company management team, either on an ad hoc basis, monthly or quarterly.


Company Formation

We can set up your company for you with Companies House if you are starting from scratch - all we need are the details of the directors and the name you would like for your company.


Corporation Tax

The corporation tax for your company will be calculated on completion of your year-end accounts.


Credit Control

We can chase up late payments as part of our service, especially if we manage your accounts on a monthly basis.


Internal Audits

We can carry out internal audits of your company as required.


Monthly/Quarterly Management Accounts

If you hand over all of your accounts work to us, we can carry out monthly or quarterly management accounts.


Payroll - weekly or monthly

We can complete your company payroll weekly or monthly depending on your requirements, producing high-standard, quality payslips for all your staff and monthly summaries. We also complete annual P60s/P35s as part of our standard service.



These annual forms can be completed by us if required.


Sales/Purchase/Nominal Ledgers

We can update these on a monthly basis if you provide us with all of your sales and purchase invoices, and details of your bank receipts and payments.


Self-Assessment Tax Returns

If you are a company director or receive any benefits in kind, you are required by law to submit a Self-Assessment Tax Return. We can complete this form for you by sending you a simple questionnaire to fill out.


Profit and Loss Accounts/Balance Sheet

We can complete these for you either on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.


Umbrella Service

We offer an umbrella service for contractors who wish to dissolve their statutory responsibilities as directors of their own companies, yet prefer the unique way of pay obtainable by being an employee of their own company.


VAT Registration

When your company has been incorporated, we can set up your company for VAT registration with Customs & Excise.


VAT Returns

We can complete these accounts for your company on a quarterly basis, providing we receive documentation of all your sales and purchases.


Year End Accounts

Whether we manage your monthly accounts or not, we can complete your year-end accounts and file them with Companies House.


This website is intended for general information purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice. The data provided is subject to change without notice and users are advised to consult the necessary official authorities or your personal financial advisor for up-to-date, precise information before any action is taken. T. J. Accounting Limited disclaims all responsibility for any consequences arising from actions taken on the basis of information obtained from this website.
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