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We provide a specialist payroll service for those companies who wish to contract out their payroll departments. Our in-depth knowledge of tax credit, PAYE legislation, SSP and SMP issues ensures that our payroll is processed at the highest professional level.

We can supply your staff with weekly or monthly payslips, wages books and monthly summaries. We keep our own full records too, and will complete and file the necessary annual returns at no extra cost (P35/P60). For higher paid staff and directors, we can provide quarterly payroll if required. 

This website is intended for general information purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice. The data provided is subject to change without notice and users are advised to consult the necessary official authorities or your personal financial advisor for up-to-date, precise information before any action is taken. T. J. Accounting Limited disclaims all responsibility for any consequences arising from actions taken on the basis of information obtained from this website.
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